During the last years, Produsoft gained a lot of experience in the development of fully customized software solutions. Next to our CADCAM-activities, we now have a second business unit: fully customized software developments CADCAM.

The Yocto kernel is one of the results of the numerous projects we did. This software platform serves today as the base for new automations and contains several optimization tools and mathematical algorithms. These tools and algorithms allow us to develop customer specific solutions at an unprecedented speed. We for example wrote plugins for SpaceClaim, WorkNC and Peps but also fully customized software solutions.

Some examples:

  • Isussoft for the optimized design and nc-programming of dental implants.
  • CADCAM-tool for the optimization of the design and nc-programming of extrusion moulds.
  • Link2Mecanic is a Spaceclaim plugin for the programming of Wire EDM machines.
  • Weldments for SpaceClaim

A fully customized software has the advantage that it fully meets your specific needs. A customized Yocto solution provides, in comparison to standard solutions, in many cases drastic gains in terms of lead time and production flexibility. Are you ready for a giant step forward in production efficiency?

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